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Horse&Rider – August 2015

Mary King's flatwork tips | Equine allergies explained | Gridwork confidence | 18 brightening shampoos tested | Loading issues addressed

August Horse&Rider is on sale 2 July 2015. Get flatwork tips from Mary King, jump grids confidently with John Smart and load your horse with no issues with advice from Emma Massingale. Also, understand equine allergies, and keep your horse cool all summer. Buy the latest issue now Also in this... more
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WIN with August Horse&Rider!

We have £1,388 worth of prizes to give away with the August issue of Horse&Rider!

3 to win! Three lucky winners will each win a HorseHairs initial... more

WIN Blue Chip sponsorship

Blue Chip feed balancers and supplements are the first choice for top riders in a variety if disciplines, and now you have the chance to join the elite Blue Chip sponsored team.

Two lucky readers will each win... A lesson with a top Blue... more

Have you ever wondered how to age your horse?

If you want to check how old your horse is, having a quick look in his mouth can give you a pretty good idea. Horse&Rider shows you what his teeth should look like at each milestone.

You can't always be sure your horse is as old, or young, as... more

Understanding your horse’s allergies

Allergies such as sweet itch, recurrent airway obstruction, urticaria and atopy are not uncommon in horses but they are frequently difficult to diagnose and can be frustrating to treat.

The horse's immune system is highly complicated and normally... more
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June 2015 Issue

June 2015 Horse&Rider

£3.99 – Buy now!

Be your horse's best friend and win a lesson with Harry Meade, with June Horse&Rider!... Buy now!

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